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Types of people you see at a typical wedding

Food artisan, cookery instructor and food writer Dima Sharif shares her list of the typical people who attend a typical wedding

Hina Navin, Special to Friday
14:47 August 15, 2012

1 The bride. A hot mess, fretting over her looks and the arrangements!

2 The groom. The man who thinks he has everything under control!

3 The single maid of honour. Her eyes are on the bouquet, nothing else matters.

4 The long-forgotten cousin. Just when everyone believes that this one fell off the family tree, he turns up as a gentle reminder that he’s still around - and just as annoying.

5 The mothers-in-law: “My way or the highway!”

6 The couple who don’t dance… Glued to their seats and blending in as part of the decor.

7 The couple who don’t stop dancing. Moves straight out of Pulp Fiction. And no rhythm… not a deterrent!

8 The married best man. The bride’s worst enemy, constantly reminding the groom it’s his “last chance to flee!”

9 The five-year-old brats, running around, creating a mess. But even worse is the party of people following them to make sure nothing breaks and they don’t hurt themselves… Hide the wedding cake!

10 The proud hairdresser, going around, handing out his business card saying, “I made the bride look beautiful today.”

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