• June 22, 2018
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Why Rosamund Pike took on ‘7 Days in Entebbe’

Actress say she was drawn to director Jose Padilha’s vision

11:56 March 13, 2018
tab Daniel Brühl and Rosamund Pike in Entebbe (2018)

Actress Rosamund Pike was drawn towards 7 Days in Entebbe by the prospect of working with director Jose Padilha.

“When I met Jose, I saw his passion for the project. It was clear from the beginning that he didn’t want to make an easy film,” Pike said.

“He didn’t want to give the audience the standard heroes and villains they’ve seen before,” she added.

7 Days in Entebbe is inspired by true events, and revolves around the story of Operation Entebbe, a 1976 hostage-rescue operation. Pike plays the role of a hijacker along with Daniel Bruhl.

On her role, she said: “The script really takes you inside the minds of the hijackers... So it’s quite interesting to get to know what’s driving them in this story.”