• June 22, 2018
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Lindsay Lohan claims she’s designing an island in Dubai

Actress tells TV show host Wendy Williams that Lohan Island will be located in The World Islands

16:28 January 13, 2018

Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan says that she is designing her own island in Dubai.

During her appearance on The Wendy Williams Show on January 12, the Mean Girls actress revealed her plans to design one of the islands within The World Islands, an artificial archipelago of small islands off the coast of her adopted home Dubai.

“I have a lot of little projects there because I like to keep busy,” she said.

“So, when I’m finished filming [British sitcom] Sick Note I can go back to Dubai, start the lipstick, discuss that and then design this island, Lohan Island.”

While on the show, Lohan talked about her nightclub.

“I have my club too, in Athens, and then we’re opening one in Mykonos. I figured I’ve gone to enough [islands], I should have my own,” Lohan said.

She also said the Mykonos nightclub would also be named Lohan Nightclub, like her Athens club.

It’s “a fun place,” she said of the new nightclub.