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Halle Berry’s Indian beach holiday

During her time in Kerala, actress reportedly went on a houseboat ride

11:01 November 14, 2017

Oscar-winner Halle Berry reportedly enjoying a quiet holiday in Kerala.

An official at the beach resort where she and her five-member group are staying said: “She and her group were here with us for two nights and checked out. She spent time at the beach and had no problems moving around. Yes, none knew who she was and we were also told that since this was a private visit, none should also come to know.

“She really enjoyed the stay with us and the places she visited.”

During her time in Kerala, Berry, 51, reportedly went on a houseboat ride and spent time on the beach.

The actress has been posting updates from her India trip on Instagram.

“Sometimes the universe puts us in places where our souls most need to be in order to see more clearly. So grateful to be here,” she wrote.

Before her trip to Kerala, Berry was in Mumbai where she bonded with actress Dia Mirza over climate change at a private event.