• September 22, 2018
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David Copperfield injury trial begins

British man says he slipped and fell while he participated in a disappearing illusion at magician’s show

10:14 April 16, 2018
David Copperfield2

A lawyer for a British man who says he slipped, fell and was injured while he participated in a disappearing illusion at magician David Copperfield’s Las Vegas show says the act was “an accident waiting to happen.”

The remarks from attorney Benedict Morelli came on Friday during the first day of the trial in the civil case brought by tourist Gavin Cox and his wife against Copperfield, the MGM Grand casino-resort and others.

Cox filed the lawsuit in 2014 months after he was randomly selected to participate in the final trick of Copperfield’s show.

Cox in his lawsuit argues he was injured when he was hurried with no guidance through a dark construction zone.

MGM Grand’s attorney Jerry Popovich told the jury Cox simply missed his step when he fell.