• October 22, 2018
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Zeb Bangash's got an 'old-school melody' for ‘Noor Ul Ain’

The play stars Sajal Aly and Imran Abbas in the lead

Usman Ghafoor, Special to tabloid!
10:41 February 26, 2018
tab Zeb Bangash

Zeb Bangash is fast becoming the first choice for soundtracks with drama production companies.

Having created memorable OSTs for mega serials like Sammi, Ek Thi Marium, and the award-winning Diyar-e-Dil, the former member of Zeb & Haniya, the only girl band in Pakistan, has now come back with what she calls “a very special, old-school melody” for Sarmad Sultan Khoosat’s latest play, Noor Ul Ain, which stars Sajal Aly and Imran Abbas in the lead.

Here, she shares singing credits with the Coke Studio sensation Ali Sethi. The music is composed by Saad Sultan. Up next is a tour to the US that Bangash is being tight-lipped about. She also recently released singles with her Brooklyn-based band, Sandaraa.