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South Indian superstar Rajinikanth launches political party, to contest next election

South Indian superstar says his party would practice ‘spiritual politics’ with ‘Truth, Work and Growth’ as its main philosophies

09:37 December 31, 2017

Tamil superstar Rajinikanth on Sunday said that he would float a political party that would practice “spiritual politics” and contest in all of the state’s 234 constituencies in the next Assembly polls.

Announcing his decision at a meeting in Chennai, Rajinikanth said his party would not be contesting in the local body elections as they didn’t have enough time.

His entry into politics is a “compulsion of time”, the superstar said amid loud cheering of his fans.

The next Tamil Nadu Assembly polls will be held in 2021.

He said the decision to contest in the 2019 Parliamentary elections will be taken at an appropriate time.

Rajinikanth urged his fans not to talk about politics or comment about other parties until his party is floated. He said the first task was to get many of his unregistered fan clubs registered with the parent body.

The actor also clarified that he was not getting into politics for power. He said the politics in the country has gone very wrong.

“Under the guise of democracy, political parties are looting their own people,” Rajinikanth said.

The actor said his party would resign if it was not able to fulfil the electoral promises within three years of coming into power. The political happenings in Tamil Nadu during the past one year has made the state a laughing stock, he said.

Rajinikanth agreed that it was not an easy task to float a political party and face the elections.

“It is like taking a pearl from the deep sea,” he said, adding that he was confident about getting people’s support.

Rajinikanth said his party’s philosophy will be Truth, Work and Growth.

He advised his fans to “think good, talk good and do good”.