• May 22, 2018
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Sonam Kapoor responds to Sonakshi Sinha’s ‘attitude’ comment

The two actors hashed it out over social media

12:23 February 11, 2018
tab Sonam Kapoor
tab Sonakhshi Sinha

Actress Sonam Kapoor says she has always been warm towards Sonakshi Sinha, who had recently spoken out how the Neerja star had once shown her a “lot of attitude”.

On an episode of the TV show BFFs with Vogue, Sinha was asked about her views on Kapoor.

“Once Sonam showed me a lot of attitude and I think that was kind of unnecessary,” answered Sinha

On Saturday, Kapoor reacted to the comment. “Sona, I’ve always been warm towards you. Don’t remember showing you attitude! If you feel that way, I’m sorry,” she wrote.

Sinha immediately responded: “Aww don’t be silly Sonam Kapoor! We’ve all been on these shows where we are coaxed to say things we really don’t want to! And then aren’t we used to things being blown out of proportion? Not to be taken seriously! Big hug.”