• May 28, 2018
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Karan Johar’s memoir opened up his ‘soul’

Filmmaker’s book ‘An Unsuitable Boy’ created waves for its candidness

11:07 January 13, 2018

From his films to his relationships in Bollywood, Karan Johar opened up about a lot of things through his memoir An Unsuitable Boy.

The memoir, which Johar co-wrote with Poonam Saxena, created waves with its chapters describing his fallout with actress Kajol and for candid talks about his sexual orientation.

Johar will also share his life story through his radio show Calling Karan, read a statement.

“Sometimes, opening about the minor or major details takes you back in time. Every time she [Saxena] made me describe my old bedroom, house, people and the relationships, I went back and analysed and spoke about so much that I probably I had kind of blushed over,” Johar said.

“Things that I didn’t want to address and look back at but I knew I wanted to because that’s the whole idea of writing a memoir. I think I spoke about all those things and it kind of opened my soul up even more. Sometimes, talking helps, just conversing helps and that’s what I realised when I spoke to Poonam,” he added.