• May 27, 2018
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Anushree overwhelmed by ‘Aadhi’ feedback

The actress credits director Jeethu Joseph for the success of her older sister turn in the film

17:29 February 13, 2018

Anusree is overwhelmed with the outpour of messages on her Facebook page — fans and friends have posted their appreciation of Jaya, the chechi (older sister) she plays in Aadhi.

“Many have wished for a sister like Jaya,” said Anusree over telephone from the sets of her next film, Panchavarnthatha.

If her Kalamandalam Rajashree (her debut role in Diamond Necklace) won hearts with her naive nature, Jaya stands at the opposite end of the spectrum. Outspoken and brutally honest about her feelings, Jaya is a bold young woman and the sole bread winner for the family.

Depicting Jaya was not easy, said Anushree. She had to bring out two aspects in her personality — Jaya’s frank nature that can be offensive to others and the good heart lying beneath that.

“It feels good to know that I have succeeded in portraying that,” said Anushree who credits her success to her director Jeethu Joseph.

One compliment she holds dear — the call from well known Malayalam director Shaji Kailash.

“That was a wonderful moment, Shaji sir’s appreciation,” she said.

Anushree’s career graph is punctuated with interesting roles. After playing the naadan kutty (village girl) in Diamond Necklace, she sprang a surprise with Janaki in Ithihaasa, a story based on body swapping. Getting into the skin of a man, she showed much potential. If her Sushama of Chandrettan Evideya was the nagging shrew feeling insecure in her marriage, Soumya of Maheshinte Prathikaram had little qualms breaking away from her long time lover and getting hitched in an arranged marriage for better prospects.

Anushree is game for new experiments.

In Panchavarnathatha directed by Ramesh Pisharody, she plays Kunchako Boban’s wife. Boban is an MLA in this story. Knowing Anushree, there must be more to this homemaker’s role.