• June 20, 2018
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Ajay Devgn to launch gym chain

Actor is launching the gyms as part of the second season of the ongoing ‘MTV Super Fight League’

12:28 March 13, 2018
tab Ajay Devgn

Actor Ajay Devgn will soon launch two mixed martial arts (MMA) gyms in Mumbai.

“It has been my yearning to spread awareness on the power and profundity of MMA all over our country. I will be committed to launching MMA studios across Maharashtra,” Devgn said in a statement.

Devgn is launching the gyms as part of the second season of the ongoing MTV Super Fight League.

“The youth is the future of our country and I want to make a difference if I can with this initiative. The kids of today need a lot of self discipline and I am confident that Super Fight League will create a vibrant sporting ecosystem in India enabling the youth across the nation to aspire,” Devgn added.

Bill Dosanjh, founder and promoter of the Super Fight League, also shared: “We already have fully functional MMA gyms in New Delhi and Bengaluru and going forward we want greater celebrity involvement in the management of these gyms for brand recall. Most of our celebrity co-owners are quite enthused by the idea of grassroot penetration and cultivation of the sport. Our next pit stop is Mumbai.”

Super Fight League, a mixed martial arts tournament, promoted by Dosanjh and British professional boxer Amir Khan, has seen celebrity support from co-owners like Devgn, Randeep Hooda, Jacqueline Fernandez, Arbaaz Khan and Tiger Shroff.