What's in your DSF shopping bag?

Savvy shoppers share the best deals they found this DSF. Think you found a better one? Let us know about it so you could be featured here

By Ma. Felicidad De los Santos, Web Features Editor
00:00 February 3, 2013

We visited the malls to find out what people out there are buying this DSF. Check out what our featured shoppers bought this week:

Name: Pamela Reyes
Item bought: Printed silk blouse from Koton
How much: Dh59 (was Dh99)
She says: "I like the material and the print, but best of all is the price."

Pamela Reyes

* * *

Name: Daniel Benedict Aganon
Item bought: Samsung notebook series 3
How much: Dh2,999
He says: "The notebook has a free 32-inch LCD TV, so it's a perfect combination for a gaming addict like me."

Daniel Benedict Aganon

* * *

Name: Ann Aranas
Items bought: Pillow for Dh36, bowl for Dh6, a tumbler for Dh14, dinner plates for Dh11, serving spoon for Dh3.75; serving plate for Dh14 and a king-sized pillow case for Dh33.
She says: "I'm moving house, so I waited until DSF to get discounts on items that I will need in my new home."

Ann Aranas

* * *

Savvy shoppers spotted on the third week of DSF:

Name: Sunny Yang
Item bought: Brown top from Zara
How much: Dh90 (was Dh145)
She says: "I may use this one on my next night out."

Sunny Yang

* * *

Name: Efren Matan
Item bought: Samsung Galaxy S Duos
How much: Dh999 (was Dh1,200)
He says: "Having a mobile phone is important for me here. The discount on this smartphone gave me all the more reason to upgrade."

Efren Matan

* * *

Name: Gay San Pedro
Item bought: Simply Cinema home theatre system from Harman Kardon
How much: Dh1,999 with free headphones and 8GB USB
She says: "I have always wanted to buy one, so I waited until DSF so I can get discounts and freebies."

Gay San Pedro

 * * *

Savvy shoppers spotted on the third week of DSF:

Name: Shady Afifi
Item bought: Grey jacket from Zara
How much: Dh500 (was Dh750)
He says: "It's fashionable and for the price, it's a good buy."

Shady Afifi

* * *

Name: Cathy Salonoy
Item bought: Sundress from Mango
How much: Dh129 (was Dh215)
She says: "I won't be wearing this now but DSF is a good time to buy because of the huge discounts."

Cathy Salonoy bought a sundress from Mango

* * *

Name: Kiran Kumar
Item bought: Long sleeve shirt from G2000
How much: Dh89 (was Dh110)
He says: "I've saved up all year for DSF. Can't wait to buy more stuff on sale."

Kiran Kumar

* * *

Savvy shoppers spotted on the second week of DSF

Name: Norman Cruz
Item bought: Birkenstock sandals
How much: Dh299 (was Dh399)
He says: "I'm going to my home country in May, so I will wear this on my vacation."

Norman Cruz bought a pair of Birkenstock sandals

* * *

Name: Rogel and Norie Gancenia
Item bought: Ferrari polo shirt
How much: Dh174 (was Dh260)
They say: "The price is right, so we bought this. It's so worth the trip from Abu Dhabi."

Rogel and Norie Gancenia

* * *
Name: Venkatesh Gopal
Item bought: Long sleeve shirt from American Eagle
How much: Dh65 (was Dh160)
He says: "This is dirt cheap and a very lucky find for me. I'll definitely check out the other stores for more bargains."

 Venkatesh Gopal

* * *

Savvy shoppers spotted on the first week of DSF

Name: Ali Mohammad
Item bought: Shoes from Timberland
How much: Dh369 (was Dh469)
He says: "I liked them so much I wore them after I paid at the counter."

Ali Mohammad
* * *

Name: Lilia Paquiz
Item bought: Lacoste polo shirt
How much: Dh340 (was Dh680)
She says: "I bought this shirt for my husband. I love shopping. I even travelled all the way from Abu Dhabi for DSF."

Lilia Paquiz
* * *

Name: Amy Yang
Item bought: Zara women's trousers
How much: Dh195 (was Dh295)
She says: "I don't normally buy styles like this, but it was on sale and it's unique, so I bought it."

Amy Yang