Dubai Miracle Garden unveils new attractions

Dubai's mega flower park has just opened its doors and new images reveal what visitors can expect

16:12 November 13, 2017
miracle garden

Dubai: Dubai Miracle Garden, which landed the Guinness World Records for featuring the world's largest floral installation, is now officially open to the public, and visitors can expect to enjoy a number of new eye-popping floral replicas and a blast of sunflowers to boot.

miracle garden

Among those that have just been added to the newly renovated park is a 12-metre-high teddy bear covered in blooms.


The latest edition, with its new theme "Sunflower Lovers," now features 50 million plants, including 120 flower varieties, spread over an area of 70,000 square metres.

There are also a number of floral replicas of animals, including parrots, kangaroos, butterflies and giant ants.

miracle garden

Visitors can expect to walk along paths lined with giant swans, as well.

miracle garden

Cartoon lovers won’t get disappointed, either, as the garden also showcases some of the most loved characters. And for the first time, visitors can watch 3D mapping videos on a flower screen or enjoy live shows in a new ampitheatre.

There are numerous hammocks to sit in the garden, as well, providing perfect spots to rest those weary legs after hours of sightseeing in the park.

Located in Al Barsha South 3, the garden opened its doors on November 7. 

Schedule and fees

Gates open from 9am to 9pm from Sunday to Thursday and from 9am to 11pm during weekends (Friday and Saturday).

Adult visitors will have to pay Dh40 to enter the garden, while entry tickets for children below 12 years old cost Dh30 and for those who are two years old, ticket is free.