Hotel Review: Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills

Hilton's luxury arm, the Waldorf Astoria's latest hotel opened up in June in Los Angeles

09:41 August 16, 2017

The 'City of Angels' was a treat in itself, made even sweeter by my stay at the latest Waldorf Astoria in Los Angeles. In Beverly Hills, the hotel blends in perfectly with the surroundings with lush gardens, rooftop views of the city, flashy house cars and friendly staff. This one is not as huge in size as some of their other properties I've been to, but that doesn't compromise on the quality of service you come to expect from Waldorf.

The room


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After a 16-hour flight and a 45-minute taxi ride, I was in no fit shape to see anything on the way up, until they opened the door to my room. A huge bathroom (one of my weaknesses) and a mini walk-in closet sealed the deal even before I reached the balcony which has two lounge chairs set up.


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The streets of LA look pretty at night and it is quite relaxing to sit out there with a cup of tea. You can order food, set room temperatures, call reception and even adjust lighting using smart tablets placed in the room. 


A presidential penthouse suite


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You could fit three Dubai one-bed apartments (if not more) in the presidential penthouse suite of Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills. With three lounge areas, a gym, three closets, two dining areas, spa room, a home theatre, two bedrooms and a huge terrace for celebrity spotting, this suite is mind-blowing. The total area is 3,215 square feet, out of which over 1,400 square feet is just the terrace. 

House cars

The hotel has two house cars at the guest's disposal and as long as your destination is within three miles from the hotel, this service is totally complimentary. That, however, is not the highlight. The highlight is your choice of car; you can either choose a Rolls Royce Ghost or a 'low-key' Maybach.



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The flagship restaurant here is a Jean-Georges and we were lucky enough to be around when he was visiting the property. The restaurant is on the ground floor, but has service on the rooftop as well, which serves bites, meals and beverages in the evenings. The rooftop is the best for celebrity spotting with friends.

The food was tasty, scientifically portioned and light on the tummy. Breakfast and brunch at Jean-Georges was incredible. I even brought back his home-cooking cookbook, where he explains how to create his gourmet dishes at home. I just spend a lot of time salivating over the pictures than even attempting to cook. 


The hotel features the uber-exclusive La Prairie Spa. The treatment I opted for was a caviar-based body massage and even as I walked out, my skin felt refreshed, my muscles were relaxed and the best part is, I smelled like dessert all day. 

Tracy Cunningham, celebrity colourist and hair magician, has a private salon in the building. She has worked on the manes of major stars in Hollywood and the music industry; Lady Gaga and Riley Keough among the latest of her high-profile clients.


Location 5/5

Cleanliness 5/5

Service 5/5

Value for money 4/5

Rooms 5/5