Bruce Lee-inspired TV competition to visit Dubai

Male and female martial artists will train together at The Bruce Lee Centre

Staff Report
15:30 July 16, 2017

A competition series titled The Bruce Lee Project will search for ‘true warriors’ in the UAE, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia.

The chosen male and female participants will exemplify physical and spiritual accomplishment.

The series, which will run for a projected five seasons, is set for a 2018 premiere; it is expected to go into pre-production soon.

Lee’s daughter Shannon and Hollywood star Keanu Reeves, who are part of the joint venture So You Think You Can Kung Fu LLC, joined forces with 8K Miles Media Group to create the show.

“Bruce Lee has a legacy of inspiration. It is exciting to see this legacy of inspiration have the opportunity to reach a new generation in The Bruce Lee Project,” said Reeves in a statement.

Mentors will guide the competing martial artists as they train together at The Bruce Lee Centre. They will complete challenges and training drills that are inspired by Lee’s philosophies and affirmations.

Lee, a Hong Kong and American actor, is known as one of the most popular martial artists of all time. He is often credited with bridging the gap between the East and the West. He died in 1973, aged 32, from a brain edema.

The winner of the series will receive “an individual prize” as well as “a prize for their community”, according to a press release.

Details on when the show will visit the UAE, and where it will air, have yet to be announced.