Icflix’s original Moroccan film releases

Arabic feature ‘Burnout’ by Nour Eddine Lakhmari is the third in the director’s blockbuster series

Staff Report
13:53 October 12, 2017
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Dubai-based streaming service Icflix’s first original Moroccan production, Burnout, directed by Nour Eddine Lakhmari, premiered across cinemas in the country on Wednesday.

The Arabic feature, Lakhmari’s fourth film, follows the stories of a politician who tries to fill his lack of tenderness by the paid services of a young woman. There’s also 25-year old Aida, a student of medicine who leads a double life; Jad, a 40-year-old entrepreneur with his 28-year-old wife, Ghita; and Ayoub, a 13-year-old shoe-shiner, who dreams of buying a prosthesis for the leg of his disabled mother.

Burnout is a film about the sacrifice and courage of ordinary people confronted with extraordinary situations, where social and economic problems intensify their distress,” said Lakhmari.

The film will be available on Icflix soon.