staying fit

Staying Fit: The best New Year’s resolutions you aren’t making

Spend time outdoors or master a new skill, but get moving in 2018 to be healthy

Dwynn Trazo, Senior Infographic Artist
11:54 December 30, 2017
rope climb

Every New Year, we look forward to turning a new chapter in our lives. A brand new outlook, we hope, leads us to better ways of doing things.

And so many of us come up with resolutions. Arguably, at the top spot for most is ‘to lose weight’, that in itself is an answer lacking method and it’s a topic for another time. There are practically thousands more one can list down but Gulf News tabloid! gives you five New Year’s resolutions that should be part of yours to unlock achievements in 2018.

Master a new skill

If you’ve been doing the same routine for quite some time now, whether it’s racking up the same weights, attending the same group classes, or going on the same endless runs, it’s time you pick up a different challenge — monkey bar traverses, rope climbs, muscle ups, handstands, etc. The list goes on because it’s relative to what you’re not accustomed to doing. Add a new skill to your repertoire and master it to tick a new milestone.

Reach out and collaborate

Take advantage of social media to broaden your network. There are fitness communities with trainers who offer free workout sessions and bootcamps such as Team Tamaraw DXB, At The Park, Arabian FiTrekkers, and Dubai Calisthenics among others. Self-contained fitness is good but collaborations always shed light to undiscovered parts of you. Connect with others to lead you to more exciting fitness endeavours.

Spend more time outdoors

The gym is not the be-all end-all place to be. Ditch it sometimes and explore the wider expanse outdoors. Notice the nuances running on the treadmill and running on the road, now push yourself with trail running where various terrains and elevations activate seldom-used muscle fibres. You’ve got the biggest playground outside that the only limiting factor is not equipment but rather your imagination. Nature’s unpredictability forces you to respond differently and raises your levels of adaptability.

Be more forgiving of yourself

We are our harshest critics. But being accountable for the steps or missteps we take doesn’t have to mean self-inflicted emotional trauma. If the strong waves cause you to steer the ship wrongly, know that tomorrow’s another opportunity to course correct. When falling short on your resolutions, take the lessons from the failures and move on. Moving on is a lot easier with forgiveness. Don’t make it hard on yourself; give yourself all the chances to come out of it better.

Aim for the stars

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” I like this quote, one of many variations. It unhinges you from all doubts, removes limitations, and immediately lets you realise that failure is only when you don’t try. Include this abstract resolution that requires reflection. I leave the interpretation up to you and how you want to put this in context with your fitness goals. Whatever this means to you, in 2018, you will be bold.