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Staying Fit: Les is more with BodyAttack

The class is an engaging cardiovascular workout that will keep you on the go

Dwynn Trazo, Senior Infographic Artist
13:06 November 29, 2017

What’s amazing about fitness is you have endless options to suit your needs. You have to go out there, try them and find out for yourself if certain routines help you with your goals. At times, what seems awkward to you ends up being one of your favourites.

I participated in my first Les Mills BodyAttack class and wondered why it took me so long to get into one. As a preview for the upcoming Reebok LesMills Live event happening in Dubai on December 9, Les Mills BodyAttack 99 was conducted to a select group of individuals at The Aviation Club, Jumeirah Creekside Hotel last week. And if not for this invite, I wouldn’t have discovered another effective way to improve my cardio.

As an active person, I’ve always leaned towards the lifting side of things and cardiovascular fitness was something I’d incorporate into it. Often, I would run or use machines like the Assault Air Bike and Concept 2 Rower but never considered a group-fitness aerobics programme like Les Mills BodyAttack.

My eyes lit up as if I just had coffee first thing in the morning as early as five minutes into the routine. I dug the music, I dug the sequence of movements and the instructors couldn’t have been more energetic. In every programme or class I attend, I’m constantly observing how the exercises are strung together in a manner that’s both logical and functional. Moreover, I look for movement variations and extent of muscular and/or cardiovascular stimulation. Scaling is also important. Each person has certain limitations, some might not be that flexible or have a history of injury, some might simply be spent that it hinders their capacity to perform. But the instructors were able to give scaled options of exercises so you’re left with no choice but to keep going, albeit in lesser intensity. And that’s a good thing.

Les Mills BodyAttack 99 ticked all of those requirements for me. It is an engaging cardiovascular workout that will keep you on the go but will occasionally bring your heart rate down only to have it skyrocket in the following segments. It’s interval training applied with enthusiasm. The blend of plyometrics, running, the music tracks, and everything in between all combine for an effective heart-pumping, fat-burning, stamina-improving 45 minutes.

I’m making Les Mills BodyAttack one of my go-to cardio programmes from now on.

What is Les Mills BodyAttack?

It’s a branded aerobics class primarily aimed at improving cardiovascular fitness. Led by an instructor, participants go through several stages throughout the programme. Every few months, the movements and the music get a fresh variation. Les Mills BodyAttack is now in its 99th release. The workouts are licensed by 17,500 partners and conducted by 130,000 certified instructors in 100 countries around the world.