Viral Wipe: This week, the iPhone 8 and a hungry elephant

Here's what went viral this past week around the world

Jack Fitzgerald Smith, Intern - Guides
16:06 August 10, 2017
Viral Wipe 1

Weekdays are often crammed full, leaving many without the time to catch the latest videos making the rounds on the internet. Fear not, because we have compiled a few of the best we have seen so far this August so that you don’t have to.

A look at the iPhone 8

Elephant stops and eats potatoes from a truck on a road

If you thought your job was stressful, try dodging the world’s largest land mammal. In this video an Asiatic Elephant emerges from the Garhbeta forest in Eastern India and stops a delivery truck full of potatoes to help himself to the delivery driver’s cargo!

British Holiday makers sprinting to sunbeds

Clearly the British principle of waiting in line did not apply to these hot-headed holidaymakers!

With Tesla opening their newest store in dubai they have also just achieved first single charge 1000km!

Jogger pushes woman in front of a bus

This is terrible behaviour with the lady owing her life to the quick reactions of the bus driver who was able to swerve at the last second.