6 travel apps you need to download before your next trip

Here are the top travel apps you should have on your phone if you love to travel

07:00 February 21, 2017
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Our phones and the apps in them have become the most important tools we use while travelling. From finding the best places to travel, to flights, accommodation and food suggestions, everything can be done through an app.

With some help from HolidayME, we have listed the top travel apps you should have on your phone before, during and after your trip if you are travel lovers like us. All of these apps are free to download from Google Play Store and App Store.

For those of you who are running low on time to read, watch our short video below.

1. Yelp

Finding great places to eat is the most important agenda on every traveller’s list. However, with new places, where you may not have recommendations from friends or acquaintances, dining is more or less trial and error. Scary, we know. This is why we think you should have Yelp on your phone. Reviews, filters, venue images and ratings can help you find the best local places to dine at.

What it does: Find the best places for a meal, beverages, coffee, or compare various places to go to 

2. TripIt

No one has the time or the patience to print out itineraries (unless you were born in the 1970s) but a well-planned itinerary can help make the most of your travel time. Make TripIt do it for you. All you need to do is forward all your travel details and confirmation emails (hotel bookings, car rental info, flight details and restaurant reservations) to a Tripit address (which is free to do), and the app will convert all this info into a convenient and easy to follow trip itinerary – accessible anywhere, anytime.

What it does: Create a systematic trip itinerary based on your bookings and reservations

3. XE Currency

We all know the struggle of doing mental calculations on how much you just paid for a meal, or for a movie ticket in a new country. Don’t fret about currency exchange calculations with XE Currency. It helps you keep a check on how much you’re spending, and in a matter of seconds, gives you comprehensive and accurate currency exchange rates. For every expense, get current estimates of how you're spending in your home currency.

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What it does: Convert your expenses in foreign currency to your home currency in real time

4. Google Maps

You’ve definitely been living under a rock if you don’t already have this one on your phone. No matter where you are – as long as you have a functioning internet connection, you will not be lost again. Google Maps has the easiest and most intuitive interface, and allows you to navigate effortlessly no matter where you’re travelling. Hands-free navigation, various route choices, 3D street views and satellite data make this a must-have app.

We have some tips. After turning on your location, internet and getting the route, go ahead and switch off your data. Your selected route will stay and as long as your location is on, it will show you where you're going. However, rerouting won't happen unless your internet is back on. Another tip we have is saving the directions (in text) as screenshots to use in case the internet goes off. 

What it does: Navigate from origin to destination using various routes and step-by-step directions 

5. Uber

This is a no-brainer – with Uber taxis functioning across 5 continents and in over 250 major cities, this app helps you find affordable, secure and timely transportation. Just set your location, add your local number and you’re ready to go. And the best part is that the Uber drivers are usually locals who know a lot about the city. This app is especially helpful if you are travelling alone and don’t have an idea of regular cab rates.

What it does: Secure, affordable and timely taxis in over 250 cities

6. PackPoint

Packing light and packing everything you need never seem to join hands. Knowing what to pack for a certain destination and a certain weather makes things harder. Not with this app that takes in your destination and length of travel to give you a custom packing list. Packpoint pulls weather forecast data and creates a list which you can then modify as per your personal preferences. Save the list and check back to see that you have everything you need.

What it does: Creates a custom-made packing list for your destination and length of travel


If you are going to the United States or Canada, Gas Buddy is an app that could save you from serious stress. It helps you find the nearest gas stations and fuel prices on the go. For people who regularly travel out from their home countries such as USA, UK, Ireland or Canada, Airport Parking app can help you find cheap and secure parking for your cars near the airport – making it easier for you when you return. When in India, the Ola app might be a better option than Uber, allowing you to book cabs and auto-rickshaws at affordable rates and on time. You can also use Oyo Rooms to find cheap accommodation in many Indian cities.

Do you use such apps? Let us know if we’ve missed any. Talk to us @GNGuides on Facebook and Instagram, and @GN_Guides on Twitter.