4 travel deals from the UAE for less than Dh1,500

Short vacations are great for relieving stress and at this budget, these locations look perfect

08:53 September 26, 2017

We love budget travel, and this week we have found some amazing deals for you.

1. Trivandrum, Kerala

This specific deal includes a visit to Kovalam, one of the most popular beach towns in Kerala. With Trivandrum being the state's capital, you might also get to see some architectural monuments and government buildings, in addition to getting a well-rounded cultural taste of Kerala. 

Package including flights and stay for 3 nights Dh1,449 per person (Musafir)

2. Maldives


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Everyone wants to go to this paradise at least once in their lifetime, but for many, the trip can get pretty expensive based on where you stay or how far the hotel is from the mainland. This limited budget deal might just push those of you on the fence to travel out immediately.

Package including flights and stay for 3 nights Dh1,499 per person (Holiday Factory)

3. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is one among the few cities in the world that can claim welcoming the highest number of tourists worldwide and it isn't surprising given what's on offer. Culture, architecture, relaxation venues and more - the city has it all.

Package not including flights (only stay) Dh1,309 per person for four nights (Holiday ME) Package including flights and stay Dh1,499 per person for three nights (Holiday Factory)

4. Baku, Azerbaijan


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Like other former Soviet-occupied regions, Baku is a treasure mine for architecture and culture lovers. It is located along the coast of the Caspian Sea and is quite nearby for UAE residents, making it perfect for a quick weekend getaway. 

Package including flights and stay for 3 nights Dh1,194 per person (Holiday ME)