The Nintendo Labo is Genius, here’s what it can do for your Switch

Your Nintendo Switch just got a lot of new (expensive cardboard) accessories

Gareth Kurt Warren, Editor - Guides
10:45 January 18, 2018
Nintendo Labo

One of the hottest gadgets of 2018 has just got way cooler. Meet Nintendo’s new initiative labeled Nintendo Labo – a bunch of cardboard accessories for your Switch that you build yourself.

Yesterday Nintendo revealed these accessories that transform the Switch into everything from a piano to a motorbike. Sold as flat boards, you then pop out the pieces and assemble them yourself.

After the accessories are assembled, they're used to control mini-games loaded onto a Switch cartridge, which are included when purchasing a kit. 

Check out Nintendo Labo below:

Labelled as Toy-Cons, these cardboard kits come with an assortment of materials ranging from string to rubber bands, all of which are used to create cardboard accessories that vary in complexity depending on what is being built.

My personal favourite is the fishing rod Toy-Con, which uses string and rubber bands.

A big focus seems to be placed on discovery, as the promotional marketing encourages children to explore the mechanics behind each Toy-Con and come up with new ways to use the creations that they build.

Realistically it seems like Nintendo is selling us incredibly expensive pieces of cardboard, together with specific mini-games that you can only get your hands on if you buy the kit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Nintendo Labo is set to release for the Switch on April 20th and will retail for approx. Dh250.