Review: The Sennheiser CX 7.00BT

This is the latest wireless Sennheiser neckband/headset/earphone/audio-delivery device. Whatever happened to earphones and headphones? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

By Gareth Kurt Warren, Editor - Guides
16:41 August 10, 2017

Meet the brand new Sennheiser CX 7.00BT.

As soon as you open it up, you’ll find the device and charger, booklets, a carry case and four extra ear adaptors in different sizes.

I’ve never actually liked these neckband-style-earphones. These, to me just looks and feels weird; similar to using your tablet to click pictures.

At first glance, the CX 7.00BT screams Sennheiser. It’s black, sleek and well-crafted with white prominent Sennheiser branding.

The brand promotes the device with the strapline, ‘100% sound, 0% wire’. Well, except the 18-inches of wire. Which do no retract into the frame, unfortunately. It would be nice if they did.


Initial set up if effortless. While Bluetooth connections could sometimes get a bit glitch, you can connect the device through NFC as well with a quick tap.

As soon as you connect it, you get a prompt on your smartphone that you’re connected to an ‘aptX’ device. aptX is a form of High-Def Bluetooth wireless audio developed by Qualcomm. An aptX-enabled device, such as the CX 7.00BT lets you enjoy amazing CD-quality audio via a Bluetooth connection.

And the audio feed is amazing. The headset it truly noise-cancelling. You won’t hear a single thing from the outside world – even at low volumes. Please be careful while jogging, cycling and playing in traffic with these things on.

Towards the end of the left stem of the neckband are your physical buttons to control your music and phone calls. The battery is a 170mAh cell that offers you up to 10 hours of usage. It also features fast charging that gives you a 100 per cent in 1.5 hours.

CapTune App

Another interesting point about these earphones is its compatibility to the CapTune App by Sennhieser. The app is a premium music player that offers you extra personalisation with an equaliser, and pre-set audio profiles.


While several audio brands have their own Music Player app with their preferred bells and whistles, the CapTune app is a joy to use. Once the app loads all your audio from your phone’s memory, toying around with the EQ settings elevates your audio experience.

The ‘SoundCheck’ feature of the app is another amazing feature worth mentioning. Follow me on this, it could get a bit confusing. While a song is playing, SoundCheck allows you adjust audio to your liking by choosing between two options, 8 times – in a comparison test. Each step plays the song differently, and when you’re done with the task you can save your settings as a new EQ preset.