10 smartest companies of the world in 2017

These companies are creating technology that will drive economy and progress in the future

13:00 August 14, 2017
Smart Tech

How can one rank a company as the smartest? Market growth and bulging cash reserves are not yardsticks here. The criteria MIT used to choose these smart companies is having a core of technological innovation with effective and efficient business plans. All that means is that these companies are creating technology that will drive economy and progress in the future. 

Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook, the tech giants of the day, are on the list but not as prominent being ranked at 16, 27 and 23 respectively. Alphabet, the parent company of Google and other companies, is, however, in the top 10.

1NVidiaTechArtificial Intelligence (AI) and video game softwareUSA
2SpaceXAerospaceReusable RocketsUSA
3AmazonE-commerceAI (Alex) and virtual realityUSA
423andMeBiotechnologyGenetic testing for disordersUSA
5AlphabetConglomerateAI, augmented reality, virtual realityUSA
6iFlytekInformation TechVoice recognition and voice-activated commandsChina
7Kite PharmaBiotechnologyEngineering human T cells to directly attack cancer cellsUSA
8TencentTechLargest video-gaming company and owns WeChatChina
9RegeneronBiotechnologyResearch of connection between DNA and diseaseUSA
10Spark TherapeuticsBiotechnologySuccessful treatment of progressive blindnessUSA

Source: MIT Technology Review

As seen in the list and in the overall ranking, intelligence companies are leading the race (30 per cent of ranked firms) while bio-medicine and biotechnology is following close behind (22 per cent). 

The United States of America is leading in this table, with 8 in the top 10; its overall share is 62 per cent in the top 50. China and Taiwan have 18 per cent share, followed by Europe (12 per cent). Argentina, India, Kenya and Nigeria together hold 8 per cent share in the ranking. E-commerce firm Flipkart is the sole Indian firm on the list at Rank 36.