Top 11 budget supermarkets in Dubai that will save you money

Save money in the long run by shopping in one of these budget supermarkets

07:00 October 8, 2018
Top 6 budget Supermarkets in Dubai

Grocery shopping isn’t cheap, especially when you have a family to feed. We need to start making smarter decisions and make every dirham count.

While it can be difficult to stick to a budget, some great grocery chains in our city are helping you save money by offering great promotions, deals and just generally lower prices on food — especially if you opt to buy their own branded products.

Here is your guide on the top 9 pocket-friendly supermarkets in Dubai.

1. Union Coop

Coop Union

One of the longest standing and most charitable supermarkets in the UAE, is the neighbourhood Union Coop. They've basically been around for over 25 years and have some of the best prices on offer.

The Union Coop has 11 branches spread over strategic areas in Dubai. From stores in Satwa and  Rashidiya to Jumeirah and Umm Suqeim just to name a few, Union Coop always has really great deals and focuses a lot on helping the community.

Their groceries are fresh and definitely more affordable than most other supermarkets in Dubai. The Union Coop is one of our top recommendations for affordable shopping.


2. Shaklan 

With supermarkets, hypermarkets and markets all across the city, Shaklan stocks very affordable brands and is a great place to buy fresh and low-priced fruit and vegetables.

Shaklan is also home to a large selection of nuts and have them at a much higher quality than many of its competitors.

You can also buy organic produce at Shaklan for a lot less. Lastly, their deals and promotions are great and add good value to your shopping trip. 

3. Baqer Mohebi

This affordable supermarket located in Bur Dubai is known for its cheap chocolate and sweets among other things. Big discounts apply when you buy in bulk at Baqer Mohebi.

There's also a special section in the shop - the "Dh1 per item" section, where soon to be expired goods are sold at a very low price. Great for when you want something cheap and are planning to consume it straight away. 

4. Lulu Hypermarket

Lulu Hypermarket is a no brainer to add on this list as one of the best pocket-friendly supermarkets in Dubai.

It’s got a wide selection of items and a really great section for electronics. The prices are definitely great at Lulu, with tons of promotions and great deals.

5. Emirates Cooperative Society  


One of the longest standing supermarkets in the UAE. Affectionately known as the Co-op, this supermarket is well regarded for its affordable goods. The fruits and vegetables are always fresh and the staff are super friendly and always happy to help.

They have cool promotions, such as the ‘products of the day’ and special weekend promotions. With a variety of locations all over the UAE, it’s a great spot for budget shopping.

6. Al Maya Supermarket

If you compare produce prices of Al Maya and many other grocery shops, you'll notice that their prices are competitively low, especially if you shop the promotions.

Many of their locations are in homey locations, so that customers don't have to travel a long way to get their groceries. 

7. Carrefour


We all know Carrefour is one of the most cost-effective spots to get groceries from. The French superstore has great deals, variety and lower cost on products. That makes it one of the best places to shop and save.

Carrefour is not only great for groceries, but also because it stocks many other lower-budget items including clothes, accessories, electronics, appliances and so much more.

Located all over the city, from the smaller Carrefour Markets and Carrefour Express's to the larger superstores in the city's malls.

Make sure you pay attention to the Carrefour generic store brand products, which are actually amazing and quite a bit cheaper than the higher end items.

8. Viva

VIVA claims to be the first food discount store in the region operating on a discount model, offering the quality products to its customers at a very low price.

They just opened in February, 2018 and offer cheap shopping. VIVA is located in Sharjah and Dubai, where they serve localities with a dense residential footprint. Besides food products, they also carry a variety of non-food products to cater to the larger section of consumers. Every 2 weeks, selected non-food products are marked down as "Special Buys" for a limited time period. 

Specialty shops:

9. A Mart Supermarket

A-Mart is hidden in a service road on Shaikh Zayed Road after the Al Hadiqa exit.

The Korean speciality supermarket, has been operatonal in the UAE for last 5 years and are specialised to serve the Korean community in the UAE with a product range exclusively imported from Korea.

Apart from Korean products the supermarket is home to prioduce from other nationality and they are avaiable at competetive prices. Supermarket is also home to a pharmacy, a hot food section that is ready to eat and an electronics section. 

10. Safest Way (Cheapest for US and British imported goods) 

Known to sell a great variety of products that you could normally find in US supermarkets, this is a favourite hidden gem among North American expats in the city. The prices are also very competitive.

Safest Way is also known to have a nice range of Korean products. There is only one in town, and it’s in the Al Safa area near the Rotana Towers hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road.

11. Organic Foods and Cafe (Most affordable for organic)

Organic Food and Cafe

Organic Foods and Cafe is the food store with the lowest prices on organic products. We all know how expensive organic food can get, so if you choose to live a healthier lifestyle, then Organic Foods and Cafe is the place to go to if you want to spend less on organic items. It’s known to have a great variety of things and really high quality of produce, since everything is sourced from local UAE farmers. This one is our go to spot for anything organic in the city.