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18 Ramadan tents to try in the UAE

Most Ramadan tents will give you the authentic Arabian Iftar experience and here are our top choices in the UAE

08:00 May 24, 2018


DIFC Ramadan Majlis

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The Ritz-Carlton, DIFC is hosting a Ramadan tent with a specially-designed menu that will rotate to offer an extensive selection of fare from Asia, India, Turkey, Lebanon as well as Arabic and American dishes. Highlights include 16 live cooking stations featuring a selection of hot and cold mezze, salads, soups, grills, a dedicated sushi station, seafood bar, dim sum station, an Indian station, as well as a dedicated full dessert buffet including an array of desserts, dates and Arabic sweets.

Location Ritz Carlton DIFC Cost Dh199 per person Timings Daily from Sunset onwards

The Dallah Lounge

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Emirates Golf Club has built a tent location in the heart of Dubai’s golf courses. The ‘Dallah Lounge’ is specially designed for guests to enjoy an extensive daily Iftar. The fully air-conditioned, two-storey tent offers local beverages such as jallab, tamarind, and karkadeh to as well as soups, served from the tureen. Mains include sweet and sour hammour and penne Neapolitan, with signature lamb ouzi and roast beef carvery found at the live cooking station. Wrapping up the meal will be a selection of Arabic desserts from across the region, such as Kunafa, Shouaybiat Cream and Killaj.

Location Emirates Golf Club Cost Dh140 per person Timings Daily from sunset onwards

Fairuz at Fairmont the Palm

The Fairuz Ramadan tent will offer a buffet and traditional entertainment including a traditional open buffet as well as desserts, date displays and Ramadan inspired beverages. This year, Arabian entertainment will play during iftar, with a dedicated oud player. 

Location Fairmont the Palm Cost Dh215 per person Timings Daily from Sunset to 2am  

Sikka Café (tent)

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Sikka Café at City Walk is inviting guests to end their fast with its traditional iftar buffet. The iftar buffet will feature a wide variety of appetising starters, cold and hot mezze, main courses including the restaurant’s signature lamb machbos and shrimp salona, as well as a selection of traditional desserts including the popular and delicious logaymat and other Ramadan themed beverages. The restaurant will host an Arabian-style tent in the outdoor seating area throughout the month.

Location Sikka Café, City Walk Cost Dh129 per person Timings Daily from Sunset onwards

Zabeel Ballroom Tent

Enjoy a traditional Iftar buffet experience with tempting Arabic delicacies, served alongside local sweets and beverages.

Location Marriott Hotel Al Jaddaf, Dubai Cost Dh179 per person Timings Daily from Sunset onwards

Al Hadheerah

Explore a '1001 Arabian Nights' iftar at Al Hadheerah outdoor desert restaurant, which has been transformed to a luxurious fully air-conditioned tent at the award-winning Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa. Special live heritage shows go along with a lavish buffet that features traditional Arabic food and more than nine live cooking stations.

Location Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa Cost Dh265 per person Timings Daily from sunset onwards

Madinat Jumeirah Ramadan Tent

The Majlis at Madinat Jumeirah is a great venue to celebrate Iftar. Designed with arabesque accents, every inch is a reminder of what makes the month special. The buffet will be offering a large selection of Arabic cuisine for the whole family to enjoy.

Location Majlis at Madinat Jumeirah Cost Dh220 per person including Ramadan beverages Timings Daily from sunset onwards

Saraya Tent, Gate Avenue, DIFC

The Saraya Tent returns to Dubai this year, offering guests a memorable iftar and suhour experience with traditional music in a lavish setting brought to you by Gate Avenue. Operating well into the late hours of the night the tent can accommodate 500 to 600 people, but for guests seeking an exclusive experience, private or VIP/VVIP majlises are available upon request for families and private functions. 

Location Gate Avenue, DIFC (Near Ritz Carlton Hotel DIFC) Cost Varies Timings Daily from sunset onwards

Ewaan Ramadan Tent

emaar Ewaan tent

Enjoy a spread of traditional Arabic dishes such as fried baby marrow with yoghurt tahini, roasted quail with sumac and a tender chicken tagine.

Location Palace Downtown Cost Dh255 per person Timings Daily from sunset onwards

Atlantis Asateer Tent

Asateer Ramadan Tent at Atlantis brings back traditions

Atlantis, The Palm’s Asateer Tent this year will showcase dishes from Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen and Giorgio Locatelli’s, Ronda Locatelli. The tent will be designed by each kitchen to pay homage to traditional Emirati cuisine, while offering a modern twist on some classic dishes. Bread Street Kitchen will be serving their shepherd’s pie, and Ronda Locatelli’s porcini mushroom risotto as well as a selection of Ramadan favourites including, lamb kibbeh, a shawarma station, and an Arabic mixed grill. Asateer Tent will also feature ten different dessert stations, including a traditional live, Arabic sweet-making station, lijw umm Ali, as well as an ice cream station and chocolate fountain.

Location Atlantis the Palm Jumeirah Cost Dh220 per person Timings Daily from sunset onwards

QD Ramadan tent, Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club


Feast on a selection of hot and cold Arabic mezzes, rustic soups, Middle Eastern and international main courses, delicious desserts with selected juices, traditional Arabic sweets and a variety of dates.

Location Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club Cost Dh165 per person; Dh65 per children aged 6 to 12 years, special rates for groups of 10 or more Timings Daily from sunset onwards 

Jumeirah Emirates Towers Godolphin Ramadan Tent

Experience dining that mixes both past and present in the Godolphin Ballroom’s Ramadan Tent, where you can find elements of modern design and traditional style. They will be serving authentic Arabic cuisine to the sounds of the live oud.

Location Jumeirah Emirates Towers DIFC Cost Dh205 per person Timings Daily from sunset onwards 

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Al Falak Ballroom, Ramadan Tent

The Al Falak Ballroom is inspired by a Viennese opera house and during Ramadan will be transformed into a palatial hall decorated in Arabesque patterns. Enjoy an Arabic iftar buffet, featuring a wide selection of local dishes, as well as a live band.

Location Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Beach Road Cost Dh255 per person Timings Daily from sunset onwards 

The Meydan Ramadan Tent

For all foodies, the Ramadan tent at The Meydan Hotel features Arabic-International inspired iftar buffet from authentic Emirati dishes, traditional Egyptian and Moroccan bites, local Syrian and Lebanese delicacies to various cuisines including Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Italian and European. Diners will also enjoy live Oud tunes, with a children's entertainment area for families.

Location The Meydan Hotel Cost Dh175 from 1st to 10th day of Ramadan Timings Daily from sunset onwards


Abu Dhabi

Emirates Palace’s Ramadan Pavilion

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Emirates Palace’s iftar is locally known as the capital’s most extravagant Ramadan feast. The tent is located by the sea and features panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf.

Location Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi Cost Dh320 per person Timings Daily from Sunset onwards

Hilton Abu Dhabi

Hilton Abu Dhabi is hosting their usual Ramadan tent this year. The air-conditioned space houses up to 150 people, and will be open for iftar in Ramadan. The iftar service includes a buffet of traditional Arabic cuisine including lamb ouzi, kofta, soup and shawarma, in addition to a free-flow of Ramadan juices and water. Other signature recipes include dishes like chicken moghrabieh, fish moussaka, lamb maklouba and Dawood basha. The highlight of the buffet is the pastry corner which features favourites like cheese kunafa, Um Ali and mahalabiya.

Location Hilton Abu Dhabi, Cornice Cost Dh210 per adult, Dh85 per child Timings Daily from sunset onwards



Sheraton Sharjah Beach Resort & Spa

For the first time ever, residents of Sharjah will get to experience a beachside Ramadan Tent on the calming shores of the Arabian Gulf. The Sheraton Sharjah Beach Resort & Spa it has built an air-conditioned space on the beach, featuring an array of Arabic favourites, like a live barbeque station, foul and falafel stations, live shawarma and saj, traditional Emirati harees and thareed and a choice of Emirati, Indian, Lebanese, Egyptian, Jordanian, Moroccan and western fare, international fare and a host of live entertainment. The glass-walled tent offers great views of the beach.

Location Sheraton Sharjah Beach Resort & Spa Cost Dh145 per person Timings Daily from sunset to 12am



Kahraman Tent

Located in the Kahraman area of Ajman, the tent boasts of a arabesque decorated ambience and a contemporary-but-private retreat. The iftar features a blend of middle-eastern cuisine and an assortment of international dishes, as well as entertainment to go along with the food. 

Location Al Zorra Cost Dh135 per person Timings Daily from sunset onwards