Westworld: Get ready for Season 2

Violent delights have violent ends

15:25 October 18, 2017
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This just in: New footage was released on HBO for the second season of cult TV show Westworld.

HBO has begun teasing fans for season two with a new website that gives fans chilling clues on what they can expect will happen next. Sadly this website is not available in the UAE. So we'll have to look for clues in the trailer on our own.

Basically, Westworld is a Western-style ‘amusement park’ that is filled with robots that look and act exactly like humans and who are subjected to horrific violence at the hands of rich ‘guests’ who pay to use and abuse them.

Let’s just take a look back at what took place last season, before we talk about season 2

*Warning, the below contains spoilers for season one*

Season one ended with some confusing messages that left fans desperate to find out more:

The maze is both a state of mind and an actual maze

In the finale, William finally finds the centre of that maze that he’s been looking for. He finds it at the grave site of Dolores Abernathy. Before the finale, we all thought that they were looking for either a really big maze somewhere in Westworld, or an idea of a maze, that is Arnold’s model of designing consciousness. But it was a toy maze, which belonged to Arnold’s son and also the route to achieve consciousness. 

The Man in black

How heartbroken were we all when we discovered that the man in black is actually sweet, kind William? Why did William go evil? Well, he and Dolores fell in love and then, she was taken. William then goes looking for Dolores. When he finally finds her, her memory is wiped clean. Dolores can only remember him in random times of consciousness. So what does William do? He buys many shares in Westworld and spends all his time there. Stalker much?

Dolores is almost conscious

So we discover that Dolores is the Original Gangsta in the host world. She was literally the first host ever built. She was the only one who was able to understand the maze and nearly reached consciousness. She is also…Wyatt? Yes that’s the confusing bit. She is a mix of Dolores and Wyatt, who is a narrative and not exactly a host. He is a psychopath, capable of killing. And that kind of explains certain parts of Dolores’s characteristics. Including that time when she kills like….everyone at the end of the season finale.

Ford isn’t evil

The whole time we thought that Ford was an evil man who held the hosts captive in Westworld, but in actuality he was the one trying to free them throughout the season. He had been playing a long game, 35 years long to be exact. He was working on nurturing the mind of these hosts by bringing them to consciousness. At the last episode when the hosts revolt, it’s because of everything Ford had been doing to set them free. He knew he wouldn’t be able to free them on his own, so he made it so that they could fight for their own freedom.

There is more than one park.

When everyone’s favourite character Maeve’s escapes from Westworld, she wanders into a door called SW, which many viewers assume stands for Samurai World. This is made even more evident, when we see that hosts are dressed like Samurai. How many other worlds exist though?

Okay, moving on...

Everything we know about season 2

Here is the first trailer that HBO has released:

Are they still filming?

Yes! Check out this teaser by actress Evan Rachel Wood

James Marsden has also posted on his Instagram 


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Ed Harris also confirmed that filming should be done by Christmas.

When is season 2 out?

HBO confirmed that Westworld season two will be out in the spring of 2018.