Week 2 May 2017: 4 Viral topics this week

Just in case you missed it, we've rounded up the most trending topics of the week for you

13:00 May 11, 2017

A lot can happen in a week. Just in case you’ve missed anything, we’ve selected our top picks of trendy stories that you need to know about. With this guide, you won’t ever have to resort to awkward small talk about the weather again.

1. Nikki Minaj pays student college fees

Nicki Minaj

The rapper surprises some of her fans by paying for their college tuition if they tweeted to her. She was able to verify their grades and give them a full ride. The rapper originally had a contest on twitter to fly fans out to meet her, until one asked for help paying for college.

Minaj then responded by starting a whole new contest:

A couple dozen fans did infact post screenshots of their report cards. The rapper then replied to some throughout the night and agreed to pay their student fees including tuition, books and other school supplies.

More celebs and wealthy people should use their money for good like that. We applaud you Nikki!

2. Chicken nugget kid wins twitter

Carter Wilkerson is officially the author of the most retweeted tweet in history. And his end goal? Chicken Nuggets. Oh and he also got the nuggets!

His tweet beat Ellen's famous Oscar tweet. Bye Ellen!

3. #DiddyCrop

Rapper P Diddy threw some shade at the Jenner sisters, by cropping them out of his latest Instagram.

And of course, Twitter is losing it:

4. The shade of Giada and Nicole on Ellen

Food network star Giada Di Laurentis was giving Ellen de Generes and Nicole Kidman a cooking class on the Ellen show. Giada was jokingly throwing shade at Nicole, who did not take it lying down.