Week 1 June 2017: 4 viral topics this week

Just in case you missed it, we've rounded up the most trending topics of the week for you

10:26 June 8, 2017

A lot can happen in a week. Just in case you’ve missed anything, we’ve selected our top picks of trendy stories that you need to know about. With this guide, you won’t ever have to resort to awkward small talk about the weather again.

Picture day fun

This Twitter user wore the same shirt on picture day for 6 years in a row.

We are impressed with this guy’s commitment and the fact that he can fit into the same shirt for six whole years!

2. Carpooling with Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran joins the long list of celebs who have car pooled with James Corden and it was epic. We also learned that Ed can fit 54 Maltesers in his mouth.

This leaked video of Britney Spears singing without auto tune

Spelling Bee winner's trending CNN interview

12 year old Indian American girl wins National Spelling Bee and faces racist remarks from CNN host. Ananya Vinay of Fresno, California won the Scripps National Spelling Bee on Thursday, taking home a $40,000 cash prize after 12 hours of picking her way along a precarious lifeline of consonants and vowels.

She was then asked on CNN to spell “Covfefe”. After the young girl misspells the word, the host, Alisyn Camerota, comforts her by saying: “Again it’s a nonsense word, we’re not sure that its root is actually in Sanskrit which is what you’re probably used to using, so I don’t know, anyway.”

Twitter was not pleased at her racist comment.