6 viral topics this week

Just in case you missed it, we've rounded up the most trending topics of the week for you

14:31 April 12, 2017
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 A lot can happen in a week. Just in case you’ve missed anything, we’ve selected our top picks of trendy stories that you need to know about. With this guide, you won’t ever have to resort to awkward small talk about the weather again.

1. Slogan recommendations for United

The internet has gone wild over a social-media video showing a passenger being dragged from his seat and removed from a United Airlines flight with blood on his face.

People took to twitter to suggest some new slogans for the company.

2. Emirates mocks United 

In wake of the United scandal, Emirates has used the public backlash against the violent removal of the passenger to get back at its critics. The Dubai-based airline released an ad on Tuesday mocking United CEO Oscar Munoz for his past comments about Gulf airline carriers. Quoting Munoz, the clip starts: "Those [Gulf] airlines aren't airlines."

3. Gucci’s latest shoe

“What were they thinking?” was the thought on a lot of people’s minds when Gucci debut their latest design. We really aren’t sure either. It's priced at Dh4,250. 

4. Newsreader caught daydreaming

We feel sorry for this lady whose little mistake is now a viral video.

5. Gulf News launched a new Business Podcast called “Dirhams & Dollars”

Our very own Business Desk, just launched a new podcast!

Check out the teaser here:

6. We have a new superhero

Josh Brolin has been cast as the time-travelling mutant Cable in the upcoming Deadpool 2. We really can’t understand why to be honest. Brolin will also play Thanos in Avengers: Infinity Wars.


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