These jobs pay the highest salaries in the UAE and the region

Using average salaries entered by UAE residents, these are the jobs that pay the most in the UAE

08:00 September 18, 2017

We always wonder if we are in the best jobs we could be in, and one of the criteria, which for some is the most important one, is pay. As the days seem to inch as slowly as possible to the long weekend, we wondered too, and Emolument gave us some answers. Emolument is a salary benchmarking website and collects salary data through user surveys.

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Middle East salaries

ProfessionUS$ per/annumDhs per/annum
Legal and Paralegal126,000462,420
Financial Services105,000385,350
Executive Management and Change100,000367,000
Legal Department85,000311,950
Energy, Chemicals and Environmental78,000286,260

UAE salaries

Dubai and Abu Dhabi have fewer respondents specific to the emirates but the figures are slightly different for each. Dubai mirrors overall UAE data with legal professionals getting around $176,000 per annum which is around Dh645,920. Airline professionals lead the pack in Abu Dhabi with a per year salary average of US$125,000 or Dh458,750. 

ProfessionUS$ per/annum Dhs per/annum
Legal Department150,000550,500
Legal and Paralegal143,000524,810
Financial Services115,000422,050
Energy, Chemicals and Environmental101,000370,670
Executive Management and Change96,000352,320

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