Revealed: 7 deadliest jobs in the world

Bored with your desk job? Thank your lucky stars that you aren't in these deadly careers

08:00 August 2, 2017

The deadliest jobs also tend to be the ones with low pay and crazy hours, in addition to the high risk. These jobs are common to almost every country in the world, as they are professions we cannot really do without for a functioning economy.

Many of these occupations, however, do not apply to the UAE except for construction workers, truck drivers and sanitation workers. 

1. Lumberjacks

Logging workers dealing in the initial harvesting and transportation of trees have the deadliest jobs in the world, owing to their proximity to heavy logs and dangerous machinery. They also work very long hours.


2. Fishermen

Referring to deep-sea fishing, this job ranks high in risk for factors such as unpredictable weather changes, extreme temperatures and unstable boats. According to research by America’s Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), the fatality risk of an Alaskan crab fisherman is 80 times that of an average worker in any job.

3. Bush pilots

Flying on commercial airlines is one of the safest modes of transportation even if the pilots have to deal with some unpredictability in weather conditions. Bush pilots, however, have one of the most dangerous jobs due to the size of the planes, hostile weather and terrain, and uneven landing grounds.

4. Miners

Accidents in mining sites are quite usual, the most common being flooding, leading to collapse of mined tunnels, and gas explosions, from built up methane gas underground. Mining can also lead to many chronic health conditions resulting from over-exposure to toxic metals, gases and other substances.

5. Sanitation workers and recyclers

Garbage collector

Most of us would be surprised to see this job here but BLS reports show that a garbage collector is more likely to die in the course of his or her job than police on patrol duty. They are exposed to all levels and kinds of hazardous materials. Many are paid well for their service owing to this high risk and the overall nature of the job.

6. Construction and metal workers


In this category, we have included construction labourers and, steel and iron or metal workers. Construction occupations include carpenters, electricians, plumbers, pipefitters and steamfitters. At a whopping 937, this industry has the highest rate of fatal work injuries in 2015 in America. Metal workers also deal with dangerous machinery and extreme heat, often being exposed to various chemicals over long periods of time.

7. Truck drivers

Not only are they involved in more than half of all fatal transportation incidents, a truck driver’s job pays close to nothing considering the hours, risk and labour involved. America recorded 745 fatal injuries among truck and tractor drivers, the most out of any occupation surveyed for a BLS report published in 2016.