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The 6 UAE national symbols

Read our guide to six national symbols of the UAE.

14:04 October 9, 2014

The United Arab Emirates was formed in 1971 after the Trucial States – the individual Shaikdoms – agreed that they would be stronger together as one country. Initially only six emirates were involved, with Ras Al Khaimah not joining until a year later in 1972.

The unity between the seven emirates of today is a source of much pride for the UAE people. Indeed this unity is proudly represented through national symbols and emblems. Read on to find out what they are and what they represent.

UAE Flag

482127264The UAE flag is the most common symbol of the seven emirates. But like any flag around the world, the colours aren’t just chosen at random; each represents a different aspect of the country.

The colours green, white, red, and black are the Pan-Arab colours and represent unity between Arabs. Individually, white represents peace and purity, green represents prosperity and success, and red represents sacrifice and power, while black represents dignity and authority.

Dallah Coffee Pot

4265389295The familiar Arabic coffee pot – Dallah – is a strong symbol of hospitality. Arabs are very proud hosts and it is customary to entertain guests with, among other gestures, coffee.

The Dallah is seen all over the UAE, from on roundabouts to the back of the 1 Dirham coin. It’s a constant reminder that all are welcome.


3117127915Falconry is one of the most popular pastimes in the UAE. The falcon has played a huge part in Arabic history and it’s important to recognise this national bird.

It symbolizes strength, courage, pride, grace, and force.


1039337045The Arabian oryx is a great source of national pride for the people of the UAE. In a bygone time it was admired for its general whiteness and cleanliness.

Its bold white colour is a symbol of strength, pride, and dignity.

Palm Tree

3291456749Palm trees are a symbol of food and water, and today they act as a reminder that before the Burj Khalifa and Emirates Palace, food and water wasn’t always so easy to come by in the desert.

Indeed the tall standing trees symbolize sustenance and fertility. And what better tribute to this symbol than the Palm Jumeirah?


4108890068The famous Dhow boat is a symbol of the UAE’s history. Before oil was discovered, the UAE’s main business was fishing and pearl diving.

Dhows, then, represent early trade and water industry.