Long Teng Restaurant Review

Long Teng gets a ten

16:15 January 9, 2018
Long Teng

Here in the UAE, we are used to eating Americanised pan Asian versions of Chinese cuisine, rather than the authentic regional Cantonese food. As someone who grew up in a city that has its very own ‘Little China’ I craved the authentic kind of Chinese food I used to enjoy in Toronto. Long Teng promised traditional high-end Cantonese and Sichuan cuisine, with some unique dishes I had never even heard of, so naturally, I was very excited to try their food.

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As I arrive to the venue, I notice how huge it is. Occupying four floors of U-bora Towers in Business Bay, the eatery offers a different vibe on each of the floors. The first floor is made up of a more casual setting, perfect for business lunches.

Image may contain: table and indoor The next floor is home to a large and elegant dining room, where their Friday brunch takes place. The second floor also features eight private dining rooms. Floor number three has a large ballroom, great for big corporate events. Then the restaurant jumps from floor three to five, since the number four is considered an unlucky one in the Chinese culture.

As the elevator doors open, we were led to an open-air roof terrace, with tonnes of greenery and comfortable seats. The rooftop offers shisha, hot pot, BBQ and traditional Chinese tea with views of Dubai’s Skyline.

Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoorLong Teng’s dining concept revolves around the old Chinese tradition of ‘yum cha’ where diners eat small servings of different foods while sipping Chinese tea.

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We also had the choice of a la carte dishes. But decided to try the authentic and traditional dining option. We were served a wide variety of dishes, including xiao long bao, vegetable dumplings, and chicken and shrimp siu mai, xia jiao, spring rolls, char siu bao, turnip puffs and cheung fun dim sum.

Image may contain: foodThe dishes were prepared with such excellence and a strong focus on traditional and bold flavours. Some stand out items included the black fungus with vinegar and the deep fried sticky rice dumplings with chicken and dried shrimp.

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On the a la carte menu, the clear focus is seafood. This was made quite obvious from the very beginning, as you enter the venue and see giant tanks housing fish, lobster, crab, shrimp and unusual sea creatures that I could not identify. Their seafood offering includes a unique take on stir-fried prawns to sashimi lobster, and the most succulent crab legs I’ve ever had.

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There is also a range of desserts and a traditional Chinese tea menu.

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Long Teng has a wide menu, with affordable fine dining options, perfect for those who want to wow their guests, without paying an arm and a leg.

Location Business Bay, U-bora Building Cost Approximately Dh170 for two people Timings Daily from 12pm to 12am Contact 04 2481993