• April 25, 2018
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Get latest & breaking news, feature stories, pictures,videos & even streaming radio directly on your mobilephones and tablet devices – Simply download any of ourapps for free, and stay connected.... on the move.

Gulf News Cricket App

The Gulf News Live Cricket App delivers instant updatesonall international cricket tournaments, whether they aretestmatches, one day internationals, or T20s, straight toyourIphone.

Good Living App

Download the app & access your Gulf NewsSubscriberexclusive rewards with ease. Enjoy hundreds ofshopping& dining discount offers & win up to AED50,000worth of gift prizes every month.

SMS Breaking News Services

For news lovers who really can't wait to know the latestnews,Gulf News breaking news SMS service is available to bothdu andEtisalat subscribers.The SMS service pushes storiesdirectly to itssubscribers, and costs Dh4 per week. Users cansubscribe, andunsubscribe by sending a text message to theiroperator.

How to subscribe
The Gulf News Breaking News SMS service is available to both duandEtisalat subscribers and costs Dh4 per week. Thoseinterested in theservice send an SMS short code to eitheroperator. Details on theshort code to both subscribe andunsubscribe:

  • Etisalat
    Short code: 1110
    Keyword: Gulf
    To cancel: c Gulf
    Tafif: Dh4 per week

  • Du
    Short code: 9514
    Keyword: sub gulf news
    To cancel: unsub gulf news
    Tariff: Dh4 per week