UAE National Day

  • 14 Emirati faces to watch in 2018
    Dec 04, 2017 GN Focus report
    From science and technology to sports, arts and charity, Emiratis have made their mark in every field. Ahead of the Year of Zayed, we profile young Emiratis who are carrying the UAE founding father's legacy forward
  • An expat's debt of gratitude to the UAE
    Dec 03, 2017 Keith J Fernandez | Group Editor – Commercial Publishing
    Political unity has personal benefits for every resident of the Emirates today
  • UAE National Day: Shaping the future today
    Dec 02, 2017 by Iona Stanley | Special to GN Focus
    Led by one man’s vision, hundreds of entities are working to make the UAE the best place in the world
  • In the footsteps of Shaikh Zayed
    Dec 02, 2017 Iona Stanley | Special to GN Focus
    As we count down to the Year of Zayed, a look at the Visionary ruler's greatest gift to his country
  • #MyUAE: What residents say
    Dec 02, 2017 Riaz Naqvi | Staff Writer
    From vision to tolerance, the UAE’s leaders have led by example, residents say while defining their experience
  • M for Manufacturing: Made in UAE is a thing
    Dec 04, 2016 By Arno Maierbrugger | Special to GN Focus
    As part of our A to Z for UAE National Day, a look at how locally produced goods making a name worldwide
  • H for Habitat: Nature calls
    Dec 03, 2016 By Suparna Dutt D’Cunha | Special to GN Focus
    As part of our A to Z of the UAE, we look at the nation’s efforts in conserving its flora and fauna
  • J for Jobs: Home away from home
    Dec 03, 2016 By Chiranti Sengupta | Deputy Editor - Commercial Publishing
    As part of the A to Z of the UAE, we talk to a few expats to find out how the nation has helped them realise their dreams
  • G for Green: In search of new energy solutions
    Dec 03, 2016 Suparna Dutt D'Cunha | Special to GN Focus
    As part of our A to Z of the UAE, we look at how the country is overhauling its policies to meet rising domestic and global demand
  • Z for Zones: Drivers of Development
    Dec 03, 2016 Arno maierbrugger | Special to GN Focus
    Since first opening in the 1980s, free trade zones have worked as engines of economic growth
  • R for Retail: Innovation at the UAE's shops
    Dec 03, 2016 Chiranti Sengupta | Deputy Editor, Commercial Publishing
    As part of our A to Z of the UAE, how community malls and pop-up stores are taking retail to new heights
  • S for Space
    Dec 03, 2016 By Eduan R. Maggo | Editor — Commercial Publishing
    The UAE government looks at the national space programme as a key component in diversifying the economy
  • L for Learning
    Dec 03, 2016 By Hina Navin | Special to GN Focus
    As the government strives to make the UAE a knowledge-based economy, the higher education segment is growing rapidly
  • Q for Quality: Excellence comes as standard
    Dec 02, 2016 Helga Jensen-Forde | Special to GN Focus
    Prominent business leaders share their thoughtson the role quality plays in the UAE
  • E for Expo 2020
    Dec 02, 2016 Special to GN Focus
    Iona Stanley and Pranith Ratheesan look at how Expo 2020 in Dubai focuses on opportunity, mobility and sustainability, under the theme Connecting Minds, Creating the Future
  • N for Nationhood: Rooted in tradition
    Dec 02, 2016 By Iona Stanley | Special to GN Focus
    As part of our A to Z of the UAE, we find out how the nation keeps its heritage alive in the face of rapid modernistation