• May 20, 2018
    Last updated 4 minutes ago

Better Health

  • Hyperglycaemia Vs Hypoglycaemia
    May 14, 2018 Peter Feely
    Blood glucose levels fluctuate differently depending on people’s type of diabetes, so an understanding of this is key to them staying healthy, especially if they’re fasting during the holy month
  • A better life with diabetes
    May 14, 2018 Dr Gerhard Schwab, CEO, Gulf Healthcare International
    Fasting during Ramadan: what diabetic patients should consider
  • Ramadan fasting - do’s and don’ts
    May 14, 2018 Patricia Tellis
    Expert advice about what you should and shouldn’t be consuming over the holy month
  • VIP maternity suites opened
    May 14, 2018 Noor Nazzal
    The luxurious new facility at Latifa Hospital is for mothers before and after delivery
  • The importance of early detection
    May 14, 2018 Noor Nazzal
    For World Thalassemia Day, DHA is stressing the significance of diagnosing the condition as early as possible
  • Time to wind-down and practise slow living in a fast-paced world to avoid stress
  • Ban on filming in operation theatres
    May 14, 2018 Noor Nazzal
    The recording of operations is forbidden for professionals looking to publicise their service on social channels
  • A better life with diabetes
    May 07, 2018 Dr Gerhard Schwab, CEO, Gulf Healthcare International
    Be nice to your feet: Prevention is better than treatment
  • Consult your doctor before fasting?
    May 07, 2018 Patricia Tellis
    If you’re abstaining from food and drink during Ramadan, it’s important to take precautions, particularly if you suffer from a chronic condition such as diabetes
  • DHA to provide complimentary treatment to needy women this holy month
  • Paying tribute to labourers
    May 07, 2018 Kamakshi Gupta
    DHA marked Labour Day by holding free medical screenings for workers
  • School Health Policy outlined
    May 07, 2018 Kamakshi Gupta and Noor Nazzal
    Plans to encourage more exercise and improve children’s diets are among DHA’s strategies
  • Disease management
    May 07, 2018 Noor Nazzal
    The new public health system aims to contain the spread of diseases
  • Managing blood sugar levels
    Apr 30, 2018 Peter Feely
    With the correct intervention, you can enjoy a healthy quality of life with diabetes
  • Sweet relief
    Apr 30, 2018 Emma Procter
    If you’re a slave to those cravings for a bar of chocolate, sugary drink, or a tub of ice cream, it may be down to your genes, say researchers. But there are ways to combat the urges