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12 things you should know about the Louvre: Bridging the eons

The Louvre Abu Dhabi is commissioning artists to create unique pieces for the museum

10:30 November 7, 2017
RDS_171107 Louvre Abu Dhabi 4

Dubai: Not every piece of art in the Louvre Abu Dhabi has to do with ancient history.

In November 2016, the museum announced that it would not just display historic artwork and archaeological artefacts, but commission new, contemporary work as well.

Internationally renowned artists, American neo-conceptualist Jenny Holzer and Italian sculptor Giuseppe Penone, are among the first to be commissioned by the museum.

Their work will help bridge the cultures and civilisations of the past with new-age art practices.

Penone’s first installation is called ‘Leaves of Light’ and is a bronze tree with mirrors, that reflects the sun’s rays throughout the museum building.

His artwork takes inspiration from Louvre Abu Dhabi’s majestic domed roof, which casts a ‘Rain of Light’ into the premises through star-shaped layers in the ceiling.

Holzer’s work, on the other hand, explores her fascination for words. She has created three walls etched with extracts from ancient texts.

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