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Smart logistics holds key to enhanced business ties

The study focuses how to share best practices and new technologies in IoT

19:41 February 28, 2016

Dubai: The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry has released a study on the sidelines of its preparations to host the 5th Dubai-Hamburg Business Forum in cooperation with the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce at the Chamber premises on March 22.

Being organised under the theme, “internet of Things: Innovation to Connect”, the study focuses how to share best practices and new technologies in IoT for the Smart Logistics Sector between the business communities of Dubai and Hamburg.

There are many areas of logistics that can take advantage of the IoT, such as fleet and traffic management, equipment and safety monitoring, tracking and visibility of goods being shipped and warehouse inventory management allowing warehouse managers to track and monitor asset. IoT is usually defined as remote controlled devices connected to and through the internet. Large Dubai based logistics companies, for example in port handling, have become increasingly automated leading to increased productivity and these businesses could hold great potential for more IoT type connectivity between machines.

According to the study, logistics plays an important and growing role in the economy of UAE and Dubai. The transport, storage and communication sector, produced real GDP value of about AED 52.5 billion and had a share of about 15.5% in Dubai economy in 2014, as compared to a share of around 14.3% in 2011. Maritime and port operations are important to the Dubai Logistics sector.

The uses of IoT are many and include port traffic and port fleet management, information about condition and location of freight. While adoption is increasing, there is much more scope to apply IoT to the logistics sector of Dubai to improve efficiency and create more value.