• April 21, 2018
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Dubai gripped by shopping fever

Deals and discounts of over 50% whet buyers’ appetites as the 32-day extravaganza gets under way

By Rayeesa Absal, Staff Reporter, and Sarah Algethami, Special to Gulf News
23:00 January 4, 2013

Dubai: Shoppers domestically and from abroad are converging on Dubai for the annual bargain hunt during the 18th Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF).

As usual, hordes of mall-goers are planning on emptying their wallets during DSF as retailers offer their latest wares.

Dubai shopper Richelle Fosberry said she marked DSF on her calendar and has added bags and clothes to her list.

“I did not spend that much during Christmas because I know that there is a sale this January,” Fosberry said.

For shoppers that are keen on spending this month, DSF will be offering everything from clothes and electronics to home items and jewellery.

Mohammad Afthab said he was looking for tech gadgets at this year’s sales. “I usually buy electronic items during DSF. This time I am planning to buy a TV. I think there are better deals available during DSF in terms of price as well as a bundle of offers. To me, Global Village is the biggest attraction, besides the other events and  exhibitions.”

Bushra Fazlullah said buying clothes for a lesser price will help in the coming months.

“I think DSF is a great time for shopping because the prices are so good. This year, since I am travelling to the US I will be buying winter clothes and shoes. Like last year, this year too I am planning to go shopping with my friends from college and enjoy it as much as possible.”

Vrushali Nadkerni said any item that is of a good price and jumps out at her may be worth buying.

“Although I love the excitement in the air when DSF is around, especially with so many tourists coming in, I don’t shop for anything particular during DSF. It’s just that there are good shopping deals all around the year in Dubai. So I don’t wait for DSF for shopping.”

If you’re a tech geek, you will find deals on gadgets across many electronics stores. You can expect deals and discounts on some of the new gadgets that proved to be big hits last year, mainly smartphones and laptops. But you can also bag offers across other products, including photography equipment, and sound and vision products.

Retailers are working hard to attract more discriminate shoppers who are less likely to spend but will buy an item if there is good value offered in the purchase. Some consumers expressed content with the size of their wardrobes, and don’t plan any new additions.

“There is nothing I need, so I will not be spending [during DSF],” said Amna Owais, a Dubai shopper.

Others are avoiding the crowds during DSF at all costs, and are pushing back their shopping trips to a later time.

Shopper Omar Abu Omar said on Twitter: “It’s just another normal month for me. I actually avoid shopping during it.” Abu Omar said with the amount he would be saving on his purchases, it is not worth beating the crowds in the malls.”