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What’s going on in the market?

US stock futures extend Wall Street's overnight misery, tumbling 3.0 per cent in Asia

22:00 February 4, 2018

Dubai: Last week, the US markets suffered their worst rout in two years, as bond yields climbed and fresh fears of inflation gripped investors.

On today’s episode of the podcast, we look at the week ahead, and ask: Where do the markets go from here?

A correction of 10 per cent has long been touted as the answer to this gloriously successful run that the US markets have embarked on, galloping recently through 26,000 points on the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Scott thinks it could go as far as 20 per cent. Sarah isn’t so sure. Who will be right when the bell rings on Monday? Only time will tell.

Elsewhere on the battlefield, cryptocurrencies have also been getting slaughtered. Down across the board, supporters are looking for the next natural support level that was found at $10,000 for bitcoin.

What does this week hold for digital currencies? Will it be another bloodbath? We discuss this, and try to answer why the drop has taken place.