dirhams & dollars

Easy money, and crazy, caffeinated markets

This week’s episode tackles two key issues: The market correction, and how much coffee is too much coffee?

19:13 February 11, 2018

Dubai: Dirhams & Dollars is back, and we are here to discuss last week’s violent market drop. Oh, and whether or not you can ever drink too much coffee.

At a 10 per cent decline, the hit now constitutes a correction, which for those of you who have listened since we launched the podcast last year, will know was long overdue.

The question now becomes, how far will the correction go? Sarah and Scott give their predictions.

Later on, the team also discuss this week’s World Government Summit, taking place in Dubai, and why Narendra Modi was in town (hint: it’s to do with Abu Dhabi and oil).

Lastly, we look at the final week of results season, where we are expecting Credit Suisse, Coca-Cola, and PepsiCo to file their full year financial results for 2017.