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Could Trump’s tweeted tariffs start a trade war?

Here is what you need to know about the upcoming steel and aluminum tariffs

21:07 March 4, 2018
steel and aluminium imports

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the markets … (buildup of dramatic music) … Trump tweets.

Last Thursday’s social media diktat was a move that even a Great White shark would envy. No one saw it coming, especially not this quickly.

Now – BOOM – trade war.

And its Bigly. The US will be going after international steel and aluminum producers, or at least those that export to the US.

Anyone who was paying attending during the G-7 and at Davos knows there was concern that US President Donald Trump was considering protectionists measures, but as of this Wednesday — when he’s expected to reveal his plans on just who gets taxed and by how much — it will be a reality.

Canada, Europe, China, Mexico and even the Gulf will be affected.

In this episode, we talk what’s going to happen, who going to retaliate, and how this will impact the UAE’s aluminum and steel producing industries.

We also talk about how to pronounce aluminum. Seriously.