Al Ain clash with Al Nasr in tough match at home

Three matches have been framed for the second day of First Division League in Dubai today, Al Ain and Ras Al Khaimah.

By Sayed Ali, Staff Reporter
00:00 September 1, 2005

Three matches have been framed for the second day of First Division League in Dubai today, Al Ain and Ras Al Khaimah. League champions Al Wahda travel to Ras Al Khaimah to meet Emirates club while Al Ain host Al Nasr in a tough encounter. In Dubai, Al Shabab clash with Al Ahli at Maktoum bin Rashid stadium.

Emirates v Al Wahda:
The home team will be eager to beat the league champions. They will be led by Colombian Alison Pasarea and Moroccan Karim Karkar, with coach Dragan looking to secure a winning start for the team.

Al Wahda will be hoping for a good start to defend their title. Bosnian striker Metrovic will spearhead the frontline along with new signing Brazilian Fabio Junior who showed excellent form in the warm up matches.

Al Ain v Al Nasr:
Al Ain will be using the league matches as preparation for their Asian Champions league quarterfinal game against Pas of Iran on September 14.

They held their external training camps in Switzerland, Spain and Italy where they played a tough warm-up against Roma which they lost 2-0.

Al Ain signed new professionals Nigerian Noah Anokashi, who played for Al Khaleej last season, and Luis Tejada, the striker from Panama. Coach Milan Macala will depend on last season players Walid Salim, Moattaz, Wehaibi, Fahd Ali, Abdullah Ali, Juma Khater, Shihab, Sibait, Naser Khamis, Hilal, Messari, Fakher and Rami Yaslam.

Al Nasr held a training camp in Germany under new coach Edward Geyer. The will be looking to rediscover their past glory with a powerful start today at Al Ain. The Al Nasr supporters think that if they can beat Al Ain at home, it means that they are on the right path for the title. There are no major changes in the Al Nasr squad that features Dawood, Ghuloom, Mohamad Khamis, Qazim, Yousuf Mussa, Mohammad Ebrahim, Walid, Mussalam, and Darwish in addition to Brazilian striker Valder and new signing Argentine midfielder Guly.

Al Shabab v Al Ahli:
The neighbours also have ambitions to win the title which they won a long time ago. Al Ahli under German coach Winfried Shaefer will miss Ali Karimi who has joined the Bundesliga. They signed with Argentine Rudreguez and Martin Baroud of Uruguay. Al Shabab, who have the home advantage, will field new pro, Senegal's Mohammad Manga, who will play along Brazilian Geraldo.


Today's matches: Emirates v Al Wahda, at 5:45 pm at Ras Al Khaima stadium. Al Shabab v Al Ahli, at 5:50 pm at Maktoum bin Rashid stadium Dubai. Al Ain v Al Nasr at 8:20 pm at Tahnoon bin Mohammad stadium Al Ain.