• September 30, 2016
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When the Earth speaks

We can translate our planets cries in the floods, hurricanes and earthquakes we witness

By Sooraj Subhash
17:06 September 18, 2016

Over the past few decades, the Earth has borne the weight of problems beyond its capacity. Pressure is piling up, and it will take no time to release it in the form of bloodshed and chaos. Forces of terrorism, corruption and pollution – the list is endless. The Earth’s silence speaks volumes. It will take no time to transform this stark silence into Earth-shattering problems.

If given a chance, our planet won’t speak, but will break down in tears. If we translate the Earth’s actions, like hurricanes and earthquakes, into words, perhaps this is how she would speak: “Your Earth has always been a saviour and now, all you want is to maim her.”

Let us not forget that our planet is a living and breathing masterpiece, whose rivers and streams flow like a lifeline. The wind is her breath, the trees and the rainforests are the lungs that keep her alive.

She speaks a universal language that everyone can understand, yet we turn a deaf ear to her cries. So, we have to understand that when uprooting her trees, we are taking her breath away! When piling on environmental problems and giving the Earth absolutely no support, how will she endure?

We can do nothing, but regret our actions. We are the engineers of constructing environment crises. Action speaks louder than words. I believe that in the absence of the Earth’s voice, her fury and actions have done and said it all. Let us all stand united in conserving, preserving and caring for our planet so that she will remain alive to feed future children.

- The reader is a student based in Abu Dhabi.