• September 28, 2016
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Social media users discuss explosions in NYC.

Evangeline Elsa, Community Solutions Editor
17:18 September 18, 2016

An explosion in a crowded Manhattan neighbourhood on Saturday night left 29 people injured, and authorities said a second nearby site was also being investigated. Mayor Bill de Blasio called the blast an “intentional act,” but said there was no terrorist connection.

@TheVikasKhanna: “Breaks my heart to see my city like this. Explosion in #Chelsea”

@TerrorEvents: “They are investigating a pressure cooker with wires attached. Blocks away from earlier explosion.

@nnehajainn: “#Explosion outside our apartment at 23rd and 6th in #newyork. Terrified. Hoping everyone is okay.”

@sam_millan: “New Yorkers, be safe! #NYC #NYCExplosion”

@DavidArtGar: “Now as Americans we are all becoming divided when violence/terrorism is perpetrated against us. Not joining together. 9/11 #NYCExplosion”

@Mujim: “4am Sat night.My street is quiet without any cars& groups of police are patrolling the area. #ChelseaNYC #Manhattan #NYCExplosion”

@Robotdandrews: “How is a pressure cooker bomb not a terrorist act? #NYCExplosion”

@d0p3t: “Wait, if three go off, how is it not a TERRORIST Attack?! Doesn’t matter the race/religion, the intent was to #terror #NYCExplosion

Amidst growing Islamophobia, You Tuber Karim Metwaly posted a social experiment video last Monday, that went viral. The video titled

American vs Muslim bag experiment. The caption read: “Would you trust a Non-Muslim or Muslim handing you a bag to hold?”

Hanifah Batua: “My sister and I cried after we watched this experiment... it’s really heartbreaking being a Muslim girl when the people won’t trust you just because of the religion and the way you dress.”

Thegood Guy: “To be honest I’m a Muslim but I wouldn’t blindly trust any random stranger giving me their bag, Muslim or not Muslim you have to give me a good reason to watch your bag! With further details about what it contains if necessary! I know I’m a little bit paranoid but like you said before Karim ‘it’s better to be ready than sorry’.”

John Robert: “To be honest maybe I would not hold that bag at all because we all know that now-a-days we can’t trust someone especially that suicide bombers are all over the world... It is really frightening we dont know what’s inside the bag people are just being careful it’s not really about the religion or the way she is dressed it’s also not being racist, it’s called fear and being careful of people whom to trust.”

Matthew Yeong: “No one should be jugdemental and say Muslims are terrorists, anyone is a terrorist if their heart is not right! Respect other’s religion if you want to get respect.”

Chris Digirolamo This isn’t racism or discrimnation you have to understand that people relate things according to experiences and what they’ve seen . Many terrorist attacks and things on the media depict Muslims in that light so obviously they’d be afraid of a terrorist threat it’s just a natrual defense... not justifying the behavior just saying I understand why some may selectively choose to not trust or be around certain people.”

Wafaa Essam: “I keep watching it time over time and it’s painful it’s heartbreaking, it’s that pain that makes you fight tears cause you know you didn’t do anything wrong and you are already pre-judged. It’s hard to imagine maybe because I don’t live in the US, I don’t know maybe it’s not only in the US, but I still have faith in humanity.”