• October 24, 2017
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#Note7 humor continues on social media

Samsung’s latest invention: a fireproof box for Note 7 returns

Evangeline Elsa
17:54 October 13, 2016

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is sending fireproof boxes and protective gloves to customers returning potentially explosive Galaxy Note 7 phones. The move sparked a firestorm of humor on social media about the new twist in the recall scandal.

#Note7 - Samsung has permanently halted production of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone less than two months after launch following reports that some batteries caught fire. Reports that some replacement models also went up in smoke were an additional blow to Samsung’s brand and financial outlook.

Travis Dreadhead : “Well the phone I was about to get tomorrow I won’t be getting it after looking at these pictures.”

Godfrey Tshikungulu : “Have a fire extinguisher when handling lithium ion, highly flammable.”

Anas Amaru Shakur: “These new #Samsung #galaxy #Note7 can save the lives of soldiers on battle-fields, if u cant use it to make a call, you can throw it instead of #gernade it works. Thank you Samsung for making amazing exploding phones this year. Great job!

Sujeet Thapa Shikhar: “Regmi, bro where are you? Did your s7 explode yet or should use it for new year?”

Gideon Ekukinam: “My Samsung Galaxy S5 heats up so much I do well to keep it away from me for some time.”

@InfoTechMonitor: “Samsung is offering Note 7 owners up to $100 credit to return their phones.”

@misshelved: “With @SamsungMobile dropping ball on #Note7 (which I waited for) I guess I’m going to have to change to something else.

Suggestions? Anyone?”

@SalmaBenAbda: “Samsung Note 7 is actually a #JamesBond gadget, it’s hidden feature is : Blow up your smartphone like never before!”

@CharlotteLepas: “Taking a selfie with a samsung note 7 brings new meaning to the word ‘photobomb’.”

@ManishD1310: “Samsung is giving out safety gloves and fireproof boxes to return its fiery Note 7.”

@mvilcis: “Don’t forget...

Police shootings


iPhone without headphone jack

Exploding Samsung Note 7

Yup, 2016 is awful.”

@DJRyanCarson: “I like how the samsung note 7 is just a big meme now...”