• September 30, 2016
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Food wastage: Actions speak louder than words

Young people need to understand the grave future they will likely face if preventive measures are not taken right away

By Shalini Menezes
17:06 September 18, 2016

The alarming statistics, that have been published in Gulf News articles regarding wood wastage, are a stark reminder that the time has come to revisit our lifestyle choices. Today’s youth, living in big towns and in cities, are completely oblivious to the fact that there are huge logistics involved in getting the food onto our plates and fit for consumption.

Students need to understand the grave future they will likely face if preventive measures are not taken right away. Along with schools, adults should also be re-taught that food wastage is neglectful. A child replicates what his parents do and not what they say. That is why we have the adage: Actions speak louder than words.

Food wastage in restaurants and hotels should reflect in the bill charged to the customer. When the customers feel the pinch of wasting food hitting their pockets, they would definitely reconsider ordering excess food.

In countries where most of the food consumed is imported, the problem of food wastage is even more grave. The supply chain for such countries is not only long, it is cumbersome and at times, a single lapse from anyone in this delicate chain could result in the wastage of the entire shipment.

There are so many people who struggle to receive a full meal a day, and there are those for whom food is neither a necessity nor a luxury, it is just another commodity that can be trashed in the bin, either before or after its shelf life.

Reiterating, I feel governments around the world should include contests and competitions to drive home this message to save food and to save lives.

It might take 100 days to produce crop and one minute to waste it. This should change to 100 days to produce with 100 ways to save food from wastage. Wake up and smell the coffee because the time has come to savour it before it vanishes from the globe.

- The reader is a finance executive based in Dubai.