• October 1, 2016
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Aid convoy hit by deadly airstrikes in Syria

Aid convoy is hit in Syria as cease-fire falters and bombings resume

Evangeline Elsa
14:11 September 20, 2016

Social media reactions after an aid convoy was hit by deadly airstrikes in Syria. 

@PamelaLizzie: “So when USA kills almost 100 with airstrike it’s called an ‘accident’ when Syria bombs UN convoy it’s called a “war crime” pathetic.”

@PedroAlvinho: “Aid convoy is destroyed in airstrike killing 12 Red Crescent volunteers.”

@Omer Bušatli: “ Completely madness,now they are killing humaniterians. #syria”

Shirley Cartlidge: “Something has to be done with Assad after a relief convoy was hit and workers and drivers killed in Syria.”

Tautala Mauala: “This morning, reports indicated more people were killed and/or seriously wounded in airstrikes on a convoy carrying aid to a rebel-held area northwest of Aleppo including Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteers. We are deeply saddened by such disgusted and horrified sickening attacks on our brave and selfless humanitarian volunteers in action.We pray that God helps comfort and console sufferings of our colleagues and friends in the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Society, their families and friends.”

Eddie Clarke: “What the hell is going on a power struggle between The USA and Russia - get your bloody acts together , get this war finished wipe out ISIS and start getting this country back to reasonable normality.”

The Atlas of Beauty: “While visiting Idomeni Refugee Camp from Greece, in May, I was deeply impressed by the beautiful relationship between volunteers and refugees. I saw with my own eyes how humans from two different cultures were proving that there’s absolutely no barrier between them, as long as tolerance and kindness are embraced by both sides. In Idomeni I met many amazing people who left their comfortable life to come and help other people who are in a desperate situation. Alice is from United Kingdom while the Kurdish little girl is from Syria. Moments like this give me hope that someday we can all live in a better world. Each one of us can contribute.