• February 25, 2018
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Kittens in need of a home

These felines are looking for a home. Would you adopt them?

Compiled by Jackie Covill, Gulf News reader
13:48 August 25, 2017

Lala and Larry

Lala and Larry are siblings who are in need of a new home together. This 10-week-old pair is absolutely adorable and very playful.


Rory is a three-month-old rescue kitten. She is great with people, but would be better off in a home as an only kitten.


Sam is currently five months old. This young kitten is very sweet, but also very curious. He is good with other cats.


Spike is another five-month-old kitten who is absolutely gorgeous! He is a cuddly, loving, little boy who needs a home urgently. He would be better off with another playful kitten.

Boris and Rocky

Boris and Rocky are a pair of siblings. This one-year-old pair may be older, but they are still kittens at heart.


— For details on any of these pets, contact Sandy Paws on www.facebook.com/sandypawsuae


— Compiled by Jackie Covill/Gulf News reader